About FunNet project

FunNet is a hobby network project (2019-2021) organized by Oranssi ry. Cost-free and low treshold sports and creative activities are offered to 13-28 year old cis- and transgirls, transboys and non-binary youth. The idea of the project is to enhance the participation of young people who otherwise might face challenges due to financial resources or fear of discrimination. In case you are wondering if the offered hobbies are suitable for you, feel free to contact our project coordinator Niina — they will happily discuss whatever questions you may have.

Many of the hobbies that FunNet offers have previously not engaged that many girls/women, trans- or non-binary people, and still appear male-dominated. Such hobbies include for example skateboarding and band playing. The aim of the project is to introduce and make these activities more accessible for the group of young people that traditionally gets excluded. The participation in all of the hobbies offered by FunNet does not require previous knowledge or experience and a certain kind of body. Also, no gendering of participants happens in the groups. Key-words of FunNet are low treshold, gender-sensitivity and safer space. Our aim is that everyone can attend the groups safely as themselves.

The project is funded by the City of Helsinki and the Uusimaa Regional State Administrative Agency.

Hobbies and Activities

The groups are offered twice a year, both in the spring- and fall season. Additionally, open events with diverse workshops take place a couple of times per season.

The activities and cooperation partners might change throughout the project (2019-2021) due to resources and the interests of participants. For example, FunNet organizes different open events at Oranssi and in 2019 a team consisting of young volunteers planned these events. Because of the motivation of the volunteers the group became a hobby among the other activities offered in spring 2020. The event production-group plans and carries out their own event twice a year.

Activities on Spring 2021

NB: Changes and special precautions in FunNet’s hobby groups due to the current situation with COVID-19!

Because of the COVID-situation and restrictions, we have to postpone the Cool Clothes -workshop, as well as both of the skateboarding groups.

The new schedules are:

On Wednesdays at 18-20
5.5. / 12.5. remotely through Zoom
2.6. / 9.6. / 16.6. / 23.6. at outside location (will be confirmed later)

Rap workshops
Writing workshop
On Wednesday 18.8. at 17-20 and Saturday 21.8. at 11-17
in Oranssi, Suvilahti

On Sunday 22.8. at 12-20
in Studio Muuntamo, Vallila

Performing workshop
On Friday 3.8. at 17-21
in Oranssi, Suvilahti

Gig in an event
On Sunday 4.9. at 12-14
in Oranssi, Suvilahti

Freestyle rap workshop
On Saturday 19.6. at 11-17
at outside location (will be confirmed later)

Band workshop
Singing and lyrics workshop
24.-25.4. at 12-14:30 remotely through Zoom

Weekend workshops
19.-20.6. at 11-15 at outside location (will be confirmed later)
28.-29.8. at 11-15 at Arabia Youth house

Last rehersal, soundcheck ja gig at the event
on Saturday 4.9.. at 10-14
in Oranssi, Suvilahti

Event organising
On Wednesdays at 17-19
2.6. / 16.6. at outside location (will be confirmed later)
18.8. / 25.8. in Oranssi, Suvilahti

Event day
on Sunday 4.9. at 11-19
Oranssi, Suvilahti

Cool Clothes workshop
postponed, updated schedules will be announced later

Stencil workshop
postponed, updated schedules will be announced later

Skateboarding 1 (Beginner)
postponed, updated schedules will be announced later

Skateboarding 2 (Intermediate)
postponed, updated schedules will be announced later

postponed, updated schedules will be announced later

Film making workshop
postponed, updated schedules will be announced later

The situation is still uncertain and there is a possibility for more changes regarding this spring’s hobby groups. We have prepared special precautions in the groups in order to maintain safety distances and good hand hygiene. We have also restricted the amount of participants in each group.

Further changes and cancellations are possible. We pay attention on how the situation proceeds and we will inform you whether there will be more changes.

Updated 23.4.2021


During this course, we will approach dance, movement and improvisation through listening to our bodies and giving in to the movement. The course provides a safe space for bodily exploration and enables you to listen to yourself and others through movement. We focus on acceptance and openness towards the feelings of our body and mind — becoming aware of them and drawing inspiration from them.

For bodily methods, we practice, for example, tuning in with your fluid body (around 65% of an adult’s body is made of water), breathing exercises and authentic movement. Addition to this, the course focuses on communication: how are my movements in relation to space and time? How are my cells related to each other and to surrounding materials? How is my experience about myself transformed in relation to other people or non-human space?

The course is instructed by Linda Priha.


In this band workshop, you can try out different instruments with the help of experienced musicians and form a band with the other participants. In the workshop, we make our own song or learn a cover song, which will be performed in FunNet’s event in May at Oranssi.

No prior experience needed, the instructors will help you get started.

The workshops are instructed by Merja Arramo and Paula Mäkinen. Singing instruction is given by a visiting teacher, Satu Hellberg.


In this course, consisting of three workshops and a final concert, we dive into the world of rap and rhyming. In the first workshop, we will write our own song with the guidance of experienced rappers and together with the other participants. We will also learn more about the history of rap. In the second workshop, the participants will get to record their song in Studio Muuntamo. In the third part, we will focus on live-performance: technique, delivery, performance and other tricks.

The course will culminate in the final concert at FunNet’s event at Oranssi where the participants get to perform their own song.

No prior experience needed!

The workshops are instructed by Sanna Laine (SASA) and Kirsikka Ruohonen (Adikia)


We are happy to introduce the newest member of the rap courses: a freestyle workshop! In this workshop, we will peep into the world of freestyle and improvised rap. We want to break the restricting attitudes regarding freestyle rap and show that anyone can learn how to do it!
No prior experience needed!

The workshop is instructed by Sanna Laine (SASA) and Kirsikka Ruohonen (Adikia)

SKATEBOARDING / Tyttörullalautailijat & Siblings Helsinki

Skateboarding 1 (Beginner) / FULLY BOOKED! 

Are you interested in trying out skateboarding? In this group, you will learn the basics with the help of the instructors. No prior experience needed!

Skateboarding 2 (Intermediate)

Is your board already rolling and you crave more challenges? In the intermediate group you can learn new tricks with the help of our instructors and meet other skaters.


Have you always wondered how it feels to create your own event? In this event production workshop, you can plan and produce FunNet’s own event day. The evening of the event day is reserved for the final concerts of the groups from FunNet’s band and rap workshops but the rest of the program is in your hands! What would this event look like? What kind of program would you want to participate in? If you got your ideas rolling, join the group — you can participate as much as you want and are able to. There are things to do for everyone in planning, decorating, scheduling, photographing, media-managing and so on.

The workshop is instructed by Niina Onkamo.

STREET ART / Mimmit Peinttaa

Stencil-workshop / FULLY BOOKED! 

In the workshop, we will learn stencil-technique in street art. During the workshop we will plan and create our own poster sized piece in Oranssi’s walls and in the Suvilahti graffiti wall, if the weather is good. To make these pieces, we will use paper knives and spray paint.

The workshop is instructed by Rosa Hultman (Ruusa) and Viivi Vierinen (Vivmagia)

Cool Clothes workshop / FULLY BOOKED! 

In the workshop you get to to plan and carry out a decoration of your own clothes using the street art techniques. Bring at least two different clothings with you to the first workshop. The most suitable piece of clothing will be picked for the painting at the workshop. Piece of clothing can be for example a jacket, a shirt, pair of pants, skirt, backbag, face mask…)

We will be using fabric colours, spray paints, indian ink and paper knives as tools.

Workshop is instructed by Roosa Hultman (Ruusa) and Viivi Vierinen (Viv Magia)

FILMMAKING WORKSHOP / Euphoria Borealis and Kelaamo

In the workshop, we will learn filmmaking by writing, shooting and editing a small short film. All-level filmmakers are welcome and no prior experience is needed.

COMICS / Sarjakuvakeskus

In comics group we go through basics of making a comic and draw and read comics. We create our own comic characters and worlds, discuss about storytelling and get to know to the different effects and tools comic artists use. We also take a step into the zine culture and make our own zine magazine.

You can participate to the group even if you have no prior experience in making comics. Experienced comic artists are welcome as well. In course we learn to read critically images and discuss about societal features of comic art. We also look deeper into the questions of what kind of harmful features and gender roles comics often have and what kind of comic culture would uphold the equality.

The course provides all the material you need, but you can bring your own pens and other material if you want to.

Group is instructed by Kevät Sieppi (Instagram: @kevatsieppi)


To participate on activities, you have to sign-up. Sign-up to FunNet activities through this link: https://forms.gle/WjiVazpN9FSxMKwm9

You can also sign-up via email (funnet@oranssi.net) or through FunNet’s social media. Include your name, age, phone number, email address and activity you’d like to join to your sign-up.

After signing-up the project coordinator will contact within a week and ask you to confirm your participation. Follow the given instructions.

(Note! If you sign-up using Hotmail, Outlook, Msn or Live email and you don’t receive an email from project coordinator, check your spam folder. For some reason the email accounts mentioned above redirect FunNet’s emails to spam folder sometimes. If the email is still missing, please contact project coordinator: Niina / funnet@oranssi.net)

Contact info:

Niina Onkamo, project coordinator
FunNet-project / Oranssi ry
funnet@oranssi.net / +35844 744 5832

FunNet’s principles of a safer space

We respect each other

We encounter people in an open and friendly manner, respect others’ boundaries and apologize when something goes wrong. We take others into account and interfere in case we notice discriminatory behavior occurring.

We avoid guessing or assuming other people’s gender identity, sexuality, background or (physical or mental) abilities

It is normal for people to make assumptions. However, we do remember that an assumption is not information. It is more important to acknowledge and recognize our own attitudes and how these affect the way we treat others. We understand that we can’t know everything about about another person based on for example visible traits, but we encounter people as people and give them the chance to tell about themselves.

Everyone has bodily autonomy

No one will be touched without permission/ consent and we don’t comment others or our own bodies in a disrespectful way. We pay attention to the words which we use about ourselves and our bodies. By criticizing oneself, appearance pressures are unnoticedly being upheld and also others are criticized.

We give space for everyone to speak and act

We take everyone into account, both verbally and physically. We take care of other people and our surroundings and make sure that everyone has as much space as they need. We talk about things openly and kindly and allow everyone to speak or to stay silent. We ask if something is unclear.

We talk with respect about sensitive topics, since they can be personal for some

It is impossible for us to know about others’ backgrounds and therefore it is important to pay attention to the topics that are talked about and the way in which we talk about them.

All of us take responsibility for creating a safer atmosphere

A safer space is only then possible if everyone commits to complying with the principles of safer spaces. All of us do mistakes but the most important is taking responsibility for our actions and apologizing. We understand our own responsibility in creating a safer setting.

If you experience or witness problematic situations, please notify the teacher or the project coordinator.